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Data Management

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Data Management

Data Management
PV Operations

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PV Operations

PV Operations
e-Documentation Management

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e-Documentation Management

e-Documentation Management
Clinical Operations

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Clinical Operations

Clinical Operations

Global reach via digital solutions supporting specialized functions

Core resourcing centres of excellence support our global operations.

preferred countries: Poland,
Ukraine, Czechia, Slovakia,
Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, UK,
Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia,
Georgia, US, Australia
years of experience
centres of excellence for global
delivery of PV, DM, eDOM: Warsaw,
Lublin, Kyiv, Tallin, Tartu

Global reach through digital technology and scalable processes

Veeva eTMF for Clinical Operations
Veeva safety module
Ability to adapt client's technology (customization)
Argus Oracle for PV and safety
Integrated training solutions
Future operating models

Integrating our solutions can make a difference

Full implementation of KCR FS solution

Bespoke Clinical Development Solutions

(1-2 months)
Joint Business Model Development
KCR Team Structure
(2 weeks)
New Business Model Announcement
Communication & reporting channels set up
(2-3 months)
Complete transfer to KCR
Oversight process implementation
(1-2 months)
Complete process implementation
Setup standard communication and escalation process
Stable business execution
„Our expert placement team conducts comprehensive assessments of each client to guarantee a solution designed strategically to address the needs of your organization.”
Aneta Szewczyk, Head of Clinical Operations, Placement Services

Successful integration with your research operations

KCR Placement excellence augmented by SMART add on capabilities

Sponsor Development Lead

KCR Development lead

Engaging the right KCR Resources at right time, in the right measure

KCR Development lead
„KCR’s FSP team was a great choice for our organization. Not only did they foster a transparent, comfortable relationship, they also took the time to build a custom service model to fit all our financial and commercial goals.”
Senior Director of Global Clinical Operations
„The KCR team offered dedicated service to our project right from the start. They were always available to offer expertise and support, and their services saved us invaluable time in the development process.”
Regional Head, Global Study Operations
„KCR’s FSP team helped us seamlessly expand our regional operations. From the start, their attentive leadership and support was vital and they exceeded our expectations in delivering a foundation that truly set us up for success.”
Exec. Director Clinical Research, Global Clinical Operations
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  • Medium pharma
  • Big pharma company

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