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„We cannot buy culture, we have to build it” – Mike Jagielski, CEO


  • Learning
  • Customer Focus
  • Accountability
  • Commitment
  • Tenacity to Succeed


Our multi-national team of professionals fuels the biopharma industry every day


Development goals

  • Be the clinical development partner of choice for global biotech
  • Innovate in the direct patient engagement area
  • Adapt to novel technology and development strategies
  • Remain a private business enterprise to ensure long-term development

Social responsibility

  • Contributing to hospices in Eastern Europe
  • Supporting the orphanage in Poland
  • Being environmentally conscious: office space, materials and recycling
  • Caring for KCR team & supporting employees in need


  • HBEN NGO was created to understand real patient experiences
  • Patient engagement allows for better communication & innovation
  • Patient feedback leads to essential progress in trial design & execution


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11 April 2024
Generative AI-Enabled/Augmented Clinical Trials: The Road Ahead
European Pharmaceutical Review
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04 March 2024
Delivery systems for biologics
18 October 2023
Elements in precision oncology
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23 September 2023
Guest Blog: Medical Writing: a key piece to the successful clinical trial puzzle
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18 August 2023
Toward Optimizing Site Feasibility Assessment For Clinical Trials
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25 May 2023
The Imperfect Art of Biosimilars
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27 October 2022
Breaking down the Internet of Things: What does it mean for clinical research?
Applied Clinical Trials
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23 August 2022
Patient-Centered Recruitment and Retention
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16 June 2022
Decentralized Manufacturing: A Path towards Smart Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing?
European Pharmaceutical Review
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31 May 2022
Early phase CGT trials: key design elements correlating to distinctive biological characteristics
Clinical Research News
22 April 2022
Continuous Bioprocessing of Biologics: The Future is Bright
Clinical Research News
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26 January 2022
Looking Forward to EU Regulation (EU) No 536/2014
Applied Clinical Trials
News / Oncolytic Virus - 2nd Dec 2021
02 December 2021
Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapy: A Brief Overview and Considerations for Clinical Trial Planning
Applied Clinical Trials
Article/Generative AI-Enabled
11 April 2024
Generative AI-Enabled/Augmented Clinical Trials: The Road Ahead
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16 November 2021
DCT + Traditional Tech for Clinical Trials?
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09 November 2021
What to Consider When Partnering with a Clinical Trial Consultancy: Tips for Biotech Companies
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08 October 2021
The Post-Pandemic CRO Landscape
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03 August 2021
Somatic Cell Therapy—Navigating the Regulatory Landscape
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Article / MassBio / June
18 June 2021
Decentralized Clinical Trials: Opportunity or Challenge?
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01 June 2021
The Future of Continuous Bioprocessing
25 February 2021
KCR opens new branch in Sydney, Australia
MassBio News
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01 December 2020
Remote Verification of Investigational Product Management at Clinical Trial Sites
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30 November 2020
2021 Year in Preview: The Year to Come and the Year That Was
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23 September 2020
The Pandemic Diaries
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07 August 2020
Interacting with competent authorities during COVID-19 - A European perspective
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07 July 2020
How to start up an ATMP clinical trial
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07 July 2020
Utilizing Remote Clinical Site Monitoring During the COVID-19 Pandemic
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23 June 2020
Initial Design Considerations of Trials of Immuno-Oncology: Domains and Elements
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20 May 2020
Pioneering Medicine Forward
Article / Medium / May
12 May 2020
KCR’s Bryan Katz named in PM360’s ELITE 100
Article / Medium / April
08 April 2020
New FDA Guidelines on validation of software systems: What do they mean for Quality Assurance?
Article_Medium_KCR adopts CCCS
08 January 2020
KCR adopts Veeva Vault Clinical Suite
Pharmavoice / articles
27 November 2019
Creating Culture of Innovation
Medium / future_digitalization
27 November 2019
Future digitalization of the CRO industry
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07 November 2019
Immuno-Oncology Trial Implementation – Where to Start? KCR’s Webinar
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09 October 2019
Consulting in the Life Sciences Industry: Making the World Small for You
Applied Clinical Trials
Applied Clinical Trials
17 September 2019
European Regulatory Framework and General Path to Market for ATMPs
Journal of Drug Assessment
Journal of Drug Assessment 2
09 July 2019
Epidemiology of atopic dermatitis in Europe
Article / The Next Frontier for Regulators: Virtual & Hybrid Clinical Trials
09 July 2019
The Next Frontier for Regulators: Virtual & Hybrid Clinical Trials
Welcome to Twitter
28 May 2019
We are so excited to welcome you to the #KCR Twitter page! We look forward to engaging with you all.
KCR-ADM-2018-Interviews-Part 2
20 September 2018
KCR Annual Development Meeting | Interviews | Part 2

Main offices

Boston office

KCR, US Inc.
30 Rowes Wharf, Suite 430
MA 02110, Boston, United States
+1 617 778 7275

Berlin office

Am Kupfergraben 4-4a
10117 Berlin, Germany
+49 30 206 07 975

Warsaw office

6 Postepu str.
02-676 Warsaw, Poland
+48 22 313 13 13

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