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Willem Einthoven was a Dutch physiologist. He is widely celebrated for inventing the first electrocardiograph (ECG or EKG), a now standard instrument in the detection and diagnosis of heart disease. For his contributions, he was awarded the 1924 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for his discovery of the electrical properties of the heart.

Willem Einthoven (1860-1927),
Dutch physician, physiologist and Nobel laureate.

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“For us, innovation is a development strategy that allows us to differentiate our FSP offerings by including the most advanced technology in a sensible and responsible manner.”
Mike Jagielski, KCR CEO
“Modern R&D is certainly continuing to push the bar for the application of innovative therapies. (…) Consulting options are readily available and provide access to like-minded teams that can facilitate commercialization at the right pace and an acceptable cost.”
Anna Baran, KCR CMO
“My ultimate hope working as a CTO for a growing and successful CRO is that we see a new DCT solution that builds from a core platform and then leverages this core in the development of component parts in order to achieve a true clinical trial lifecycle… for all stakeholders.”
Doug Bain, KCR CTO
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