9 January 2019

#KCR_QoM: Question of the Month – December Results

Here comes the December and the most awaited results of #KCR_QoM in this year. One question, three answers and probably the most groundbreaking analysis for clinical trials in 2018. Finally, it’s here.

You may notice that 45% of our voters went for “can’t live without it”. Seems fair, concerning the fact that Christmas parties are associated with great food, beverages and one-in-year opportunity to finally wear your evening suit/gown. Otherwise the dress/suit would’ve wistfully died in your wardrobe. What a waste!

Nevertheless, it’s hard to omit those 31% of your minimalistic, yet contentful answer - “yes”. Question is whether, it’s this full of irony “yes” which, actually, means “no” or lack of enthusiasm over parties. We hope both options are not true, you just haven’t read rest of the answers.

Finally, there’s 24% of votes for “absolutely yes” which seems to be very in the middle. You like Christmas parties, but when “food part” is over you are easy to leave.

Concerning the fact that all answers were positive, we must admit that all of them were right. Hope you enjoyed it, and please wait for #KCR_QoM in January. It might be a little bit more complicated, though.

PS: Our employees, could choose only the 3rd option. It was fixed.


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