3 April 2019

#KCR_QoM: Question of the Month – March 2019 Results

Are the patient centric technical solutions (e.g. mobile apps, wearables, databases) accessible worldwide?

Access to technological innovation is critical in modern clinical trials. As discussed in our “#KCR_Trends” article, it is imperative for modern clinical trials to implement technological innovations to ensure successful execution for a variety of factors. But is the newest technology accessible to everybody?

In March, we asked our visitors about their opinion in the matter. Surprisingly, a clear majority of them (52%) believes most solutions are not accessible to all patients across the world and are rather focused to English speaking countries. As we explained in our article, it is certainly true that in the early stages of implementation, solutions tend to: 1) be expensive and limited to certain types of trials and 2) benefit those cultures that created them in the first place, and tend to spread as time goes by.

In the coming years, the role of technological tools and solutions will be ever more important in recruiting difficult-to-reach patient populations, coordinating bigger trials and in processing always-growing data sets with different types of data. Certainly, innovation will trickle down to other regions once its worth in the execution of clinical trials has been proven and valued.

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