7 November 2018

#KCR_QoM: Question of the Month – November

We would like to hear your opinion and receive your feedback on hot topics from the industry. Share with us your thoughts in our monthly Q&A exchange to keep up with the industry pulse. Check the results showing the industry opinion at the beginning of the following month on KCR Trends.

Expect the next Question of the Month (#KCR_QoM) in December.


Results #KCR_QoM from previous months:

October 2018 - What is the biggest value investigator meetings bring?

September 2018 - What would be the clinical consulting CRO best value offer for your research?

July 2018 - Where do you see the most growth potential for patient recruitment in the next 5 years?

June 2018 - What is the future of pharma/CRO industry events?

May 2018 - What is the future of the Functional Service Provision (FSP) business?

April 2018 - What technology will have the biggest impact on clinical trials execution in the next 3 years?

March 2018 - Consolidation in the CRO industry makes my work...

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