5 April 2018

#KCR_QoM: Question of the Month – March Results

Industry opinion on CROs consolidation equally divided

The feedback we have received on our first Question of the Month (#KCR_QoM) launched in March, shows that the industry thoughts on consolidation are equally divided: high or low influence – and no influence at all.

Consolidation has been one of the main trends in the CRO world, with significant M&As in 2017.
However, as a general market factor it does not influence the work life half of our responders. Interestingly, the other half has strong yet opposite feelings.

For those whose life gets easier, the consolidation might be an opportunity to keep all business strings in one hand making the oversight simpler.
The negative feedback shows though, that simplicity is not always a case taking into consideration raising market competition and higher demand of performance improvement.

Expect the next Question of the Month (#KCR_QoM) in April.

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