6 November 2018

#KCR_QoM: Question of the Month – October Results

In October we asked our visitors: “When do you think artificial intelligence will have an impact on clinical trials?”, with 3 potential answers: 3, 5 and 10 years. In our #KCR_Trends piece on AI, we discussed how the industry is well suited for disruption due its data driven nature. In that sense, more than half our participants (51%) believe that we will notice the impact within 5 years, with an additional 28% believing we will see it even sooner (within 3 years). This should not come as a surprise: as reported by CB Insights, it is estimated that about $4.3bn USD have been invested so far in AI applications for healthcare and some of them are becoming available as aids in clinical research, practice or even as therapies.

A smaller, yet significant, part of our visitors (21%) believes the effects of AI will be felt later down the road. This view is perhaps consistent with the time necessary to develop and market a drug. In that context, this view might be more realistic considering that several questions of the ethical and regulatory category remain yet unanswered.

Nonetheless, it is evident that AI will impact the execution of clinical research at some point, and therefore the industry and authorities need to adapt practices and processes to deal with this trend.

Stay tuned for the next #KCR_QoM in November!


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