6 March 2019

#KCR_QoM: Question of the Month – February 2019 Results

In February, we asked our visitors what they thought about patient engagement in clinical trials. With nearly half of the votes, the most popular answer to the question “what has the most potential?” was “Information access: patients in clinical trial educational programs)” with 44%. This isn’t exactly surprising, as the industry has recently recognized patient recruitment and patient retention as important challenges in the execution of clinical trials.

Both of these challenges are affected by similar factors, but they are not necessarily connected. In recent years, clinical research has become increasingly more sophisticated, yet the profile of patients that can benefit from participation has narrowed. While the advancement of medicine itself is a positive development, the increased complexity of inclusion criteria has left approximately 50% of trials with problems in recruiting enough participants. Simultaneously, the increased complexity of trial design has raised the amount of involvement required from participants, thus placing an even larger burden on them.

While some therapeutic areas and indications certainly have more committed patient populations, pharmaceutical companies are starting to realize the importance of educating the patient population and improving trial experiences for patients across the clinical study. Thus, it comes as no surprise that most visitors see “Information access” as the area with the most potential within patient engagement. When participants are properly educated, both patient recruitment and patient retention concerns will be addressed.

In future editions of #KCR_Trends and #KCR_QoM we will continue exploring patient centricity in clinical trials. In the meantime, check out #HumanBehindEveryNumber, KCR’s patient-centric initiative that was recently launched as an NGO in the US.

Stay tuned for the next #KCR_QoM in March!


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