5 July 2018

#KCR_QoM: Question of the Month – June Results

Pharma industry events are a staple of the industry. While there are no clear figures on the number of events organized annually, every year an estimated $3.5bn USD is invested in such activities across the world. In June, we asked our visitors what was their opinion on the future of pharma industry events. An overwhelming majority believes such events provide participants with active learning opportunities and will continue to do so (65%). About a third of respondents (29%) believes they provide only networking opportunities and a rather small 6% believes the events are more about company projection with limited learning or networking.

Certainly, the reality lies somewhere in the middle, and industry events provide participants with a bit of everything. It is interesting though, how little planning and organization of the events has changed in the past 50 to 60 years, considering that technology has disrupted other areas of the industry.

While there are interesting ideas for the future of events out there, there is still a long way to go before they truly reflect the innovation driven industry we are.

Stay tuned for the Question of the Month in July!


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