6 June 2018

#KCR_QoM: Question of the Month – May Results

FSP: healthy bet for the CRO industry

Results for #KCR_QoM (Question of the Month) in May are unsurprising given what we said in our previous post. Almost 60 per cent of voters believe that Functional Service Provision (FSP) has a future as a high margin business, and about one fourth think that it will be a low-margin affair. The rest of our respondents – 18 per cent – believe the model will disappear altogether as a CRO service. Why our answerers are so positive about the health of FSP?

As explained in #KCR_Trends post mentioned above, most of the industry analysts trust there is a high potential for the FSP model, although there will be differentiated markets for large players and niche providers. With larger CROs dominating the low margin-high volume segment, whilst the niche providers will thrive in the high-margin, specialized, customized or niche segment.

Stay tuned for our next Question of the Month (#KCR_QoM) in June!


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