27 March 2018

KCR CEO’s Take on Annual MassBio Meeting 2018

Mike Jagielski, CEO of KCR: MassBio (Massachusetts Biotechnology Council) is a great organization committed to advancing leadership in the life sciences to grow the industry. KCR joined MassBio in May last year, after opening our office in Boston.

This year I attended the recent MassBio Annual Meeting 2018, which was my first experience with this gathering. First, I should complement the MassBio for being an incredible community. People often talk about collaboration and sharing information, but MassBio is indeed a leading example for a true meaning of these words. The organization brings together representatives from biotech, academia, investors, government and service providers. All parties bring this incredible sense of commitment to exchange. I think this is unprecedented and this is also the reason for the success of the Cambridge/Boston region in the biotech sector.

When people ask “why did you decide to go to Boston”, my answer is: “Boston and Cambridge are the places where money meets research.” Today, I should add that this is not only the place where money meets research, but more: this is where money meets research with the right spirit to be successful in the complex world of biotech.

About KCR
KCR is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing clinical development solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. The company supports clients with full-service capabilities across three main services: Trial Execution (TE), Functional Service Provision (FS) and Late Phase (LP) in a broad range of therapeutic areas. KCR operates across four main regions: North America (NA), Western Europe (WE), Central Europe (CE) and Eastern Europe (EE) with hubs located in Boston, US, Berlin, Germany, Warsaw, Poland and Kiev, Ukraine respectively. The company’s geographical set up suits perfectly to deliver optimized trial execution strategies for life-changing therapies.

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