10 July 2018

Company Strategy Review at KCR Annual Development Meeting

Company development, innovations and values were the main themes among many others discussed at the KCR Annual Development Meeting last weeks. The company leaders from different countries met to review the company strategy and talk about its further dynamic evolution.

“KCR Annual Development Meeting is an important event for the company to bring together our directors and managers for face to face discussions and cross-departments interactions. Direct meetings always help building relationships to effectively bring new ideas and solve issues for the future,” said Mike Jagielski, President & CEO of KCR.

KCR Team during Annual Development Meeting

KCR is a pretty distributed company from East to West, operating with clients in different countries between Kiev and Boston. Having KCR people from these locations sharing their knowledge and experience was crucial to make a common starting point for the strategy execution in the next 12 months.

“Our company main feature is continuous development, so we are making next steps of KCR evolution. We have been very successful to date, and now we have decided to enter a next level with a new service – Trial Execution Consulting – to support our customers for successful R&D results,” summarized Mr. Jagielski.

KCR Annual Development Meeting agenda covered topics like KCR offer, the company further positioning, business and departmental updates, services portfolio development, as well as GDPR compliance.

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About KCR

KCR is a contract research organization providing clinical development solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. The company supports clients with full-service capabilities across three main services: Trial Execution (TE), Functional Service Provision (FS) and Trial Execution Consulting (TC) over a broad range of therapeutic areas. KCR operates across four main regions: North America, Western Europe, Central Europe and Eastern Europe with hubs located in Boston, U.S. Berlin, Germany, Warsaw, Poland and Kiev, Ukraine. KCR’s geographical locations allow for optimized delivery of trial execution strategies to develop life-changing therapies.

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