15 September 2016

KCR Organizes Patient Recruitment & Retention Days to Share its Knowledge and Experience

Proper Planning and Strategy Design Lead to Effective Patient Recruitment

Berlin – 15 September 2016 – International Contract Research Organization (CRO) KCR announces its Patient Recruitment & Retention Days, which will be taking place from 15 September to 15 December 2016. During this period the company will share its knowledge and experience regarding strategies and tools that work for effective patient’s enrollment.

“No clinical trial can be successful without the right patients enrolled in time. Fortunately, it is that simple. Careful planning at the initial stage of the study and a smart strategy considering all factors for effective enrollment however, are key for the final delivery, and are - unfortunately - not that simple,” said Mike Jagielski, President & CEO, KCR.

For almost 20 years in the industry KCR has developed an extensive recruitment toolbox based on project specifics, countries’ attributes, standards of care differences and a targeted audience. The company’s geographical set-up, broad knowledge of local regulations and proactive approach support contingency planning for the most challenging projects.

“There is not a single process, function or factor that can be highlighted as most important. In times of growing protocol complexity and increasingly fierce patient recruitment project competition on a site level, every execution detail matters,” added Mr. Jagielski. “Recruitment is always a race against time and costs and we have the knowledge to manage that effectively.”

KCR has already discussed the most critical issues when it comes to patient recruitment & retention in a recent interview with its Heads of Regional Clinical Operations Services. Click here to read the full interview.

During the Patient Recruitment & Retention Days KCR is open for discussions on tools and steps the CRO takes to effectively meet its clients’ recruitment targets. We will also hold a webinar later this year to discuss the most important issues of patients’ recruitment during a clinical trial. 

If you would like get in touch with our team personally and/or to learn more about KCR’s Patient Recruitment & Retention services, please contact Joanna Lewandowska, PR & Marketing, at joanna.lewandowska@kcrcro.com. Please include your full contact details in the query.

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