27 January 2016

KCR Date Forecaster Available Now for Android

Mobile application supports efficient handling of doctor’s appointments.

Berlin – 27 January 2016 – The KCR Date Forecaster, a mobile application developed by Contract Research Organization (CRO) KCR, has been made available for Android. Developed firstly for iOS, the app for smart scheduling and automatic reminders for doctor’s appointments and medical examinations is now accessible for all smartphone owners worldwide.

“Due to our Corporate Social Responsibility commitment, we launched the KCR Date Forecaster to offer a practical tool for patients undergoing medical treatment,” said Mike Jagielski, President and CEO of KCR. “Since October 2014 our app has been of great help mainly to clinical trials patients in the U.S. who want to efficiently handle their doctor’s appointments. Now this practical tool might serve all patients worldwide."

KCR Date Forecaster Available Now for Android

The mobile application is a simple means to help to manage doctor appointments and medical checkups. It allows to calculate the due date of the next visit and sends a reminder before the appointment. Users can also add their doctors’ names, examination precautions or any other additional information.

“At KCR we understand the burden of illness and ongoing treatment. Being a patient in clinical trials includes keeping track of numerous appointments, medical records and procedures. We do believe that our Date Forecaster is of considerable assistance to patients who want to efficiently handle their calendars,” added Mr. Jagielski. “The application also supports investigators with regard to improved patient retention.”

The KCR app includes holiday calculators for 38 countries, which makes it perfectly fit the needs of patients across all regions and prevent making appointments on days off, Saturdays or Sundays. The interface and navigation is simple and intuitive.

The application for Android can be downloaded for free via Google Play and for iOS via the Apple iTunes App Store.

If you would like to learn more about the KCR Date Forecaster and/or KCR services, please contact Joanna Lewandowska, Associate Director, PR & Marketing, at joanna.lewandowska@kcrcro.com.

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