18 October 2017

Who is #HumanBehindEveryNumber? (trailer)

Patient-centricity has recently been a key word in the healthcare and drug development industry. KCR, a Contract Research Organization (CRO), is introducing a new project which is solely based on a patient-centric approach: #HumanBehindEveryNumber.

The project has been designed to learn more about patients in clinical trials; it is based on the voices and perspectives of real patients who are participating in clinical trials.

Find out more at humanbehindeverynumber.com

The project has been conducted across different countries, so far including Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, Germany and UK, with the US in the nearest plans. The study is ongoing and the team is continuously gathering biographies of people struggling with different diseases and documenting their lives as patients in clinical trials. All these makes the unique content of the project website including the real patients’ voices and maps of their emotions.

Mike Jagielski

President & Chief Executive Officer